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Shaolin Kung Fu

Creating Community Through Martial Arts

The words of Kung Fu can be translated roughly to ‘hard work, long time’ and that is exactly what it takes to master the art. To practice the basics and continously train what you have learnt. “Hard work over a long period of time”. This is more than just a martial art, this is also a life style. 

We teach a classic, southern style of Shaolin Kung Fu which comes from the Fukien province – The Tiger Crane Combination. 

Fast, accurate and deadly. The Tiger Crane combination is a close-range art that uses mostly hand techniques including striking and seizing.  It trains the whole body’s tendons to pull togehter one energized whole movement of devestating ‘geng’ – also known as springy power – from short range.  It is also a great art for smaller people or women to overcome the strength of larger people. 

Being close to the original Shaolin white crane, this style emphasizes the use of touch sensitivity to connect to an oppoentneing close to the original Shaolin white crane, this style emphasizes the use of touch sensitivity to connect to an opponent and feel their movement and intention, countering them immediately when they initiate a move – before it can become dangerous. It also uses ‘springy’ power generated from the tendons rather than the muscle – the hallmark of genuine Shaolin kung fu. The Tiger-Crane combination is designed for close quarter fighting, so is a fabulous system for self-defence.

Within the Tiger-Crane system, there are a series of freehand patters which students learn, starting with 11 routines.  To progress in each level, a martial arts grading assessment takes place (students do not have to take the assessment if they do not want to, but in order to learn the higher routines it is needed).  There are also 4 sparring routines, several hard Chi Kung sets, pushing and sticky hands and stretching. 

While learning the different routines and sets of the Tiger_Crane system, students can expect to learn practicle self defence. We believe it’s important to realistically know what to expect and how to use your martial arts in realistic context. Everything is taught with practical context including expanations on how to apply everything you learn in a potentially dangerous situation.  

One important note is that you cannot master anything in a day. It takes years of dedicated training. Kung Fu is more of a way of life than just a self defence system. It’s a self improvement program. The principles and values taught in Kung Fu can be used to enhance your every day life and improve both the body and mind.

The only thing that is stopping you from making changes is yourself. Why not start now? 

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Join more than just a fitness club. Join a family that has been growing and thriving since 1954. Nam Yang Epsom is a part of Nam Yang Pugilistic association with clubs all around the world, in SingaporeThailand, Russia, Italy, Germany and the UK (Epsom, Brighton and Hove).