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We have a new home, Check our DIRECTIONS page for details, Located in Epsom, Surrey, KT17 4AB.

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About Us

Creating Community Through Martial Arts

Nam Yang Epsom comes from a not for profit, community based martial arts club encouraging each and every student to become physically healthier, mentally stronger, happier and more confident while they develope their martial arts and grow as a person in a family friendly inclusive environment. The club was originally started in Alexandra Recreation Ground Park in Epsom, Surrey in 1998 by Master Iain Armstrong.  For over 20 years, we have built a diverse, immersive and positive impact on the local community with a goal to keep that growing.  This is more than just your average fitness centre where you go to lose weight or throw a few kicks and punches. 

This is a family.

We come from a world wide family network of Nam Yang Clubs with branches close by in Brighton & Hove, UK, as well internationall in Singapore, Thailand, Russia, Italy and Germany with history that stretches back to 1954. Nam Yang itself has a long history of welcoming and uniting people from diverse cultures, bringing them together as part of one large global kung fu family. It has always been a club where everyone and anyone is welome and respected.  

This is a place of discovery and transformation. Where you can grow and break the bonds that are holding you back.  A place where you will not only learn practice self-defence, confidence and discpline but where you will also learn its philosphy, traditions, ethos, culture and wisdom. Somewhere where you will emerge stronger, wiser, clearer and better.

We teach classes in traditional Martial Arts (including mindfulness/meditation techniques) and combat sports. These include Shuang Yang Soft Style Tai Chi, Chi Kung meditation, Tiger Crane Kung Fu and K1 Kickboxing. Each class is taught in a safe, relaxed and friendly environment with offers to all ages.  We will have a class for you, your skill level and your goals. Our Instructor team will get you off to a very strong start.

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