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We have a new home, Check our DIRECTIONS page for details, Located in Epsom, Surrey, KT17 4AB.

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K1 Kickboxing

Creating Community Through Martial Arts

At Nam Yang Epsom, we teach K-1 Kickboxing. K1 is one of the most popular forms of kickboxing involving punches, kicks and knees.  It is a fairly famous style, well known for its fast pace and high energy, producing some of the time greatesst kickboxers.

The UK itself has produced some great K1 fighters and we are lucky enough to have one of the best as our Director, Chief Instructor, and Manager, Steve ‘The Kung Fu Kid’ Keen.

K1 Kickboxing itself is founded in Japan in the early 1980 through its predecessor style, Seidokaikan Karate. The “K” initialy stood for various striking arts like Kung Fu, Karate and Kickboxing. The “1” would resemble the combative element of the style which was often sought to ‘find the best of the best’, or be the ‘tip top’ through competitions. The art is dominated by fighters from the Netherlands and today, K1 is enjoyed all over the world thanks to organizationslike One FC, Glory Kickboxing and Enfusion. 

Nam Yang Epsom’s K1 Kickboxing Classes start for ages 5 and up. Classes for juniors (12 and under) are typically taught at our Forge location while Teens and Adults are taught at our location in Glyn School. From complete novice to international competitor, we cater for all people from all walks of life.

We have a very strong team of teachers who are ready to tailor each lesson to your goals and needs. Whether your unfit, new to exercise, an experienced fighter we will have a class for you.  Come to grow mentally, gain strength and confidence physically, and build yourself spiritually.  Learn practical self-defence and have a fantastic time with a new family!