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We have a new home, Check our DIRECTIONS page for details, Located in Epsom, Surrey, KT17 4AB.

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Creating Community Through Martial Arts

At Nam Yang Martial Arts, we strive each day for our students to grow mentally, physically and spiritually.

Our passion is for each of our students to become physically healthier, mentally stronger, happier and more confident while they develope their martial arts and grow as a person in a completely inclusive environment.

Originally located in Alexandra Recreation Ground, Nam Yang started as a not for profit association teaching traditional martial arts in Epsom, Surrey since 1998.  For over 20 years, we have built a diverse, immersive and positive impact on the local community.  This is more than just a martial arts fitness centre.

This is a family.

When you join this club, you are joining a world wide family network of Nam Yang Clubs and the Martial Arts world.  You can look to be supported, find friendship, build confidence, become fitter, learn self defence and discipline. 

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Whether you are looking for Kickboxing, Kung Fu, Qigong, Meditation or Tai Chi, we have a class for you!

Our classes are suitable for everyone and anyone, all backgrounds, people with disabillities, refugees and local community groups.  Many of our students and families are on lower incomes which is something we can specifically provide for. Just contact us if you are unsure.

You do not need any previous experience. We have a very supportive team of instructors who will get you off to a strong start in any one of our arts:

K1 kickboxing

K1 Kickboxing is a popular form of kickboxing, involving punches, kicks and knees.  A fairly famous style, K1 is well known for its fast pace and high energy, producing some all time greatest kickboxers. Founded in Japan and dominated by fighters from the Netherlands, it’s now enjoyed all over the world! 

Classes begin at Ages 5 and up! Learn more below:

Shaolin Kung Fu

We practice the Tiger Crane Combination Kung Fu – a classic southern Fukienese shaolin art!  This is a fast, accurate and deadly style which focuses on emphasizing intricate hand techniques thrown from a solid stance.

Classes begin at Ages 5 and up! Learn more below:

Qigong (Chi Kung/Chi Qung) & Tai Chi

Learn our Tong Ling (Clearing and Circulating) Chi Kung routine for health and long life and our Tai Chi Routine which follows the Buddhist Shaolin Tradition – The Shuang Yang (Sun-Frost White Crane Soft & Gentle Art). Our soft, internal routines are perfect for balancing the mind, body and soul.
Make no mistake, though, these are true shaolin arts.

Suitable for ages 10 and up, most commonly booked by our adults and elderly.

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