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We have a new home, Check our DIRECTIONS page for details, Located in Epsom, Surrey, KT17 4AB.

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Juniors and Kids Kung Fu

Creating Community Through Martial Arts

At Nam Yang Epsom we offer a variety of classes for kids and teenagers in traditional Shaolin Kung Fu.

The kids Kung Fu lessons are tailored to suit the requirements of each age group, and above all else the classes are fun! With our community values at the heart of our teaching we place strong emphasis on compassion and empathy for all our members and families. Our students learn self discipline, respect, tolerance and focus not to mention getting a fabulous workout and constantly learning new skills to help with their development.

Nam Yang Pugilistic Association has a long history of producing junior champions both at National and World championship level. But our main aim is to instil our core values.

All classes are taught in a relaxed friendly environment. And all the instructors are fully insured and DBS checked.

Infants Kung Fu (Ages 5-7)

Our Juniors class is based on introducing Kung Fu Principles to young children. They will learn this through martials based games and partner exercises. They will also learn about Chinese Culture and History. 

These classes usually start with a warmup which includes running, jumping, dodging, ducking, stretching and breathing techniques. Then there is a indepth lesson focusing on different drills and padwork.  Occasionally, the junior class will practice part Tiger-Crane combinations’ freehand system which involves learning the first part of the first basic routine.

Juniors Kung Fu (Ages 8-12)

The Junior Kung Fu Class is where the Tiger-Crane Combination syllabus is fully introduced, following the juniors’ system. Students will have the ability to start to grade and learn the further routines of the tiger-crane system if they desire to do so.  Students can expect to begin learning more progressively complex partner routines, self-defense drills, stance, touch sensitivity exercises called pushing hands & sticky hands. 

Classes begin the same ways as others, with a warm up including running, jumping, dodging, ducking, stretching and breathing techniques. As well including theory lessons on Chinese Culture and History. 

Teens Kung Fu (Ages 13 and up)

We allow the teens to train side by side with our Adults. Our Adults are trained to a slightly standard and it can be incredibly valuable as students can learn a lot by simply being able to watch a higher level of Kung Fu. Even though the teens will train with the adults, each student is still individually taken care of and progressed at their own pace.  Students can be rest assured that they can take their time and reach their individual goals.

The lesson begins the same way as others, with a warm up including stretching followed by a indepth lesson on the tiger-crane combination style, self-defense, pushing hands and sticky hands, partner drills, and the full tiger-crane combination syllabus taught at the adults’ system. 

For more information for Teens & Adults, check HERE.